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Discover the icy secrets of Mt Cook National Park's glaciers and ice bergs

Seeing a glacial lake is one thing, but getting onto it on either a fast-paced speed boat or gentle kayaking trip is another world entirely. Book a Tasman Glacier tour for your next nature holiday.

Glacier Explorers, Mt Cook National Park

Despite the rapid decline of glaciers both in New Zealand and around the world, there are still some remarkable examples left. Mount Cook is one such location, and alongside being the country's tallest mountain, it is also home to the 30 kilometre-long Tasman Glacier. If you want to see, touch and taste your way through this fantastic place, make sure to try these two activities on your next Aoraki nature tour.

Glacier Explorers

Book a Glacier Explorer for a fast-paced way to see the Tasman terminal lake. The trip departs from the Hermitage Hotel in the Mt. Cook village, then travels just 16 minutes to begin a fantastic walking trip through the rugged Mackenzie Country terrain. The hike takes about thirty minutes along moderate, undulating hills towards a brilliant custom-built MAC boat. This boat then traverses the lake, weaving in and out of ice bergs to give you fascinating insight into the geological processes happening here. You'll see plenty of ice bergs floating around, and even get to taste them.

Glacier Kayaking

For those of you more inclined to eco-tourism under your own power, book into a Glacier Kayaking trip. Lead by a friendly and knowledgeable guide in a top-of-the-line sea kayak, a kayaking tour of the lake lets you see the glittering blue icebergs with your own eyes, at your own pace, in your own time. The water might be cold, but when the sun comes out and you see its gentle light sparkling off the delicate waves you'll know you're in a little piece of paradise. Get right up close and personal with the local ice bergs, take as many pictures as you possibly can and make sure to look out for the wildlife!

Glacier sea kayaking, Mt Cook National Park