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7 Reasons Planning an Autumn Trip to New Zealand is a Great Idea

If you're planning a trip to New Zealand this autumn, you've struck tourism gold. And we’re not just referring to the color of the leaves (although they are pretty spectacular in some parts). The mornings have a crisp bite but the days are still warm. And -- the best news -- there are no peak-season crowds to contend with.

Here in Wanaka, we love the crackly trees and shades of bronze that mark the beginning of the shoulder season. But if you're still tossing up when to come, look no further. Here's seven reasons why a New Zealand trip in the Fall is a great idea:

The settled weather

Mornings are brisk - but that’s the beauty of it! Not yet teeth-clenchingly cold, the crisp starts are invigorating and quickly meld into calm warm days perfect for exploring the great outdoors.

The leaves (obviously)

Did we really have to highlight this one? Yes, we sure did. When it comes to seasonal colours, New Zealand steps it up a level. Entire hillsides are burnished in brilliant hues of orange, red and gold. If you’re a keen photographer Queenstown’s historic neighbor -  Arrowtown -  is the best place to be at this time of the year, but really, anywhere with a botanic garden will boast exceptional colours.

Arrowtown in Autumn

You can still swim

Okay, okay, perhaps not in the lakes of the South. But in the North Island, it's definitely still warm enough for an ocean dip. And you’ll need one after all that outdoor exploring, right?

There’s less people

Yes, we know. It’s not like New Zealand is bursting at the seams. But our main tourist centres double in size over the Winter and Summer months and that can make seeing what you want to see and staying where you want to stay more difficult. In Autumn, peak season is over and that means less people to compete with for views and space in your preferred accommodation.

Orcas and Dolphins frequent the Wellington Harbour

If you're into wildlife up close, this one's for you. Watch from the waterfront as these amazing mammals pass through on their migratory path.

The renowned Hokitika Wildfoods Festival is on

Enjoy the quirkier side of the kiwi culture and indulge in some ‘interesting’ delicacies including fried Huhu grubs and whitebait patties.

Saltwater fishing is at its best

March to May is when large schools of fish come closer to the shore due to the warmer waters. Use light tackle and throw a line from the beach or charter a boat and trawl off the coast.  New Zealand is home to some of the best seafood in the world so if you're a keen fisherman, now's the time to come.

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Written by: David Kettle

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