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Pure Journeys Redesign

About Us

Pure Journeys, as always, is dedicated to sourcing quality products and creating tailor made holidays. We have chosen to diversify into new styles of travel and a new destination - Australia. We have an array of travel styles from guided, independent coach to self drive through Australia, New Zealand or a combination of both.

Our old logo and brand were strong representatives of the New Zealand holidays that we have prepared over the last 15+ years. With colours from the land and sky and a shape symbolic of the Koru - the Maori symbol that represents the shape of an unfurling Silver Fern. 

A changing world

Over the past year, the travel industry has faced unprecedented challenges however our desire to explore, innovate and welcome new travel destinations has only amplified. We have spent our time securing some great partnerships with Tourism Australia and can now present Australian tour itineraries that connect nature, culture and an abundance of authentic experiences.

Australia and New Zealand offer a huge amount of diversity, from the subtropical climate of the Bay of Islands and Gold Coast to the wild West Coast or dusty red plains of central Australia. Giant Kauri trees dominate the horizon in areas around Rotorua while white sandy beaches control the surrounds of Australia. Whether you want to explore nature; the beaches, fiords and glaciers or culture; places, history and cuisine, we can create a trip for you!

Our Colours

Taking inspiration from prominent colours in nature found both in Australia and New Zealand we have been able to create a palette that represents the essence of both countries.

Striking blue skies, earthy orange, lush green flora, stone grey to represent the mountains and a rich blue to signify the surrounding water.

Our Logo

This logo is simple and clear, still highlighting the P and J that make up Pure Journeys it now also represents elements of our service and the places we'll help you visit.

Both shapes have multiple meanings and come together to form an interlocking shape that signifies the support we provide all our clients from an initial enquiry to the day they finish their holiday.

Still the same great team

Although our site has changed our values and people have not we are still proud to offer

  • 100s of tour ideas to help inspire
  • A team of passionate travel specialists
  • Simple and secure systems
  • We can easily adapt any plans up until the day you depart
  • Flexible booking T&Cs
  • 24/7 in country support

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Written by: Helena Reimer

Thanks for reading our blog

We have lots more information to share with you if you need it. Our team lives and works within New Zealand we have travelled extensively in this part of the world and experienced the best (and worst) of what there is to offer.  If you have any questions about tours, locations, or just want some friendly advice please reach out to us by chat, email, or phone. There is no penalty for getting in touch, we do NOT charge any consultant fees so you can take the hassle out of your travels for free!

If you are interested in planning a trip then please leave your details in the simple form below and we can provide you with support customising a tour just for you. 

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