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Top 3 places in New Zealand to go bungy jumping

New Zealand's own AJ Hackett was one of the first people in the world to experiment with bungy jumping as we know it today. His efforts have solidified his home country as a world leader in places to go to experience the thrill of the fall – and the rebound, and the fall again, and the rebound, and the fall again…

Here are three of the best places in New Zealand to jump off a perfectly good bridge or platform on a long springy rope.


Home to New Zealand's highest water-touch Bungy, the Taupo experience lets you soar out from a cantilever platform and fall 47 metres before the rope bounces you back.
You can either fly solo or jump with a friend and you can choose whether you remain perfectly dry, falling just short of the rushing Waikato River, or opt for a water-touch, where you immerse a hand or part of your body for a refreshing dip.


As the adventure capital of New Zealand (and arguably the world), Queenstown is the home of Bungy.
The Kawarau Bridge jump is where AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch first made their leap of faith in 1988, and the sport has only grown from then. Here, you can also opt for a water-touch or a tandem jump with a friend.
If the Kawarau Bridge isn't quite scary enough, pay a visit to the Nevis Bungy – New Zealand's highest.

Hanmer Springs

Less than two hours from Christchurch on a self-drive road trip, Hanmer Springs is a small township well known for its natural hot springs.
For some, however, the hot springs are far too laid-back. Take a 35-metre leap over the Waiau River from a 135-year-old-bridge with the Thrillseekers Bungy. You'll get a t-shirt to prove you did it, and you can always bring your heartbeat back to a normal level in the hot springs afterward!

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Written by: David Kettle

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