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Food and drink you have to try in New Zealand

While the New Zealand cuisine may not be quite as distinct as, say, Japan or Italy, the country still has plenty of dishes and drinks to be proud of.

When you're next exploring the beautiful country that is Aotearoa, why not make time for some tastings of these delicacies? After all, many say food and wine holidays are the best way to really experience a new country!


Hangi is as Kiwi as the haka and All Blacks. Ask any New Zealander what their national dish is and they will tell you it's the traditional form of cooking for Maori.

These days, traditional hangi cooking purposes are primarily used for special occasions, however you can find many examples of such cooking techniques in culture capitals such as Rotorua.

The underground method of cooking has existed within Maori communities for centuries. It's usually big enough to provide food for large families and groups, with meat and vegetables cooked beneath the earth's surface for an unbeatable smoky flavour.

To prepare for the hangi, you build a pit in the ground and heat stones with a large fire, placing the food in three sections on top of the stones. Meat, vegetables and puddings are prepared in separate groups, but go into the pit together. The food is steam cooked under pressure from soil and leaves, simmering for at least three hours.

Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand's wines are beloved all over the world, and they can be purchased for a very affordable price in their home country. The sauvignon blanc varietal is the wine that made the world sit up and take notice of New Zealand drops, with the first vines planted in 1973.

The country's sauvignon blanc flavours are intense and include tastes of red capsicum, gooseberry, passion fruit and freshly cut grass. Make sure you try a glass or two while you're in the country.

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Written by: David Kettle

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