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Visit Zealandia, Wellington's incredible urban ecosanctuary

An urban sanctuary in the middle of Wellington city, Zealandia encompasses 225 hectares of beautifully restored and predator-free land on which native flora and fauna is being allowed to flourish once more.

The vast sanctuary of Zealandia

Visit the beautiful ecosanctuary, explore the vast network of walking tracks, and see if you can spot some of the native New Zealand wildlife.

A general admission ticket will allow you to take a self-guided tour of the exhibition and sanctuary and is valid for two days from your first visit. If you would like to experience something really special, why not opt for one of the available tours?

Zealandia by Day

Take in all of the different sights and sounds of the sanctuary as you are led through the valley by one of Zealandia’s experienced and knowledgeable guides. Enjoy the beautiful native bush and forest as you learn all about the unique flora and fauna all around you.

Zealandia urban ecosanctuary

Zealandia by Night

Wait for the sun to set, grab your torch and head out into the wilds of Zealandia as the sun sets. Your guide will lead you through the sanctuary, talking you through the sights and sounds of the valley at night. Take the opportunity to spot some of the sanctuary’s elusive nocturnal species, and listen as your guide teaches you about Zealandia’s outstanding conservation efforts.

Zealandia, Wellington

Located just outside of Wellington, Zealandia provides the opportunity to experience some of New Zealand's incredible wildlife just a short drive from the city. With its vast 225 hectares of native bush and forest, all surrounded by state of the art predator-control fencing, the wildlife at Zealandia at last have the opportunity to roam in safety.

Here are just some of the amazing species that call Zealandia home:

New Zealand Takahe
Spot a cheeky takahe running across the grass lawns of Zealandia.


New Zealand tuatara
Try and spot a tuatara hidden beneath the ground cover


New Zealand kaka
Get up close and personal with a kaka!