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Experience the thrill of White Island

Many travellers on adventure holidays head to White Island for the ultimate adrenalin-pumping activity.

White Island, New Zealand

White Island, also known as Whakaari, is one of New Zealand's most active volcanoes. It's located in the Bay of Plenty and has been a mecca for those on adventure holidays or nature tours for some time.

Tour operators offer a range of activities in the area, including scenic helicopter rides, diving expeditions and explorations of the island itself. These tours leave from Whakatane, which is 48 kilometres from the offshore island or Rotorua for scenic flights with landings.

The surrounding terrain is also impressively sparse, as the crater's activity does not allow life to flourish above ground. That means no plants or vegetation – just rock. Mix that with the strong scent of sulphur and the booming and hissing of volcanic activity and you have one memorable experience! There are some other fascinating sites you'll come across too, such as a steaming acid lake and boiling mud pools. Below sea is a different story with the volcanic activity providing a rich environment for the marine life, making for a fascinating dive trip.

If you'd prefer a bit of distance between you and the volcano, you can always take one of the scenic flight options. That way, you can still see the natural wonder up close, and there's the added bonus of getting that spectacular birds-eye view few others get the chance to see.

Whether you're eager to get up close and personal with this volcanic site or not, it's certainly one of New Zealand's most fascinating features.