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Driving Creek Railway offers a charmingly unique nature tour

If you’d like a unique nature holiday, travel to the Driving Creek Railway and witness the charming red and green train for yourself.

Driving Creek Railway

There are many places around the world that offer you scenic forest walks, cycling trails and driving routes – but how many offer you a charming rail adventure through native New Zealand forest? When you drive just over two hours from Auckland Airport along the coast, you'll find yourself at one of the Coromandel Peninsula's most popular nature holiday destinations – the Driving Creek Railway.

Driving Creek

Built from the ground up by a friendly man called Barry Brickell, the Driving Creek Railway offers budding adventurers a chance to see the stunning Coromandel kauri forests from a whole new perspective. At the main entrance you will find a visitor's centre with plenty of information regarding the local area as well as a souvenir shop for some take-home nicknacks. The team at Driving Creek also house talented potters, glass-blowers and clay sculptors so you can meander through their fantastic art works and perhaps even grab one for yourself.

The railway

Celebrating their 1 millionth customer recently, it's obvious that Driving Creek Railway is immensely popular. Open every day except Christmas and the morning of ANZAC Day, this fantastic little railway traverses a replanted kauri forest, covering a journey of around one hour. Along the way you can spot some families of pateke, or brown teal, as well as numerous other endangered wildlife species. In fact, the entire area is a nature sanctuary and is surrounded by a vermin-proof fence for protection.

Make sure you bring your camera, as the cute red and green train stops in plenty of breathtaking regions for some unique photographic opportunities. The winding journey finally culminates at the recently constructed Eyefull Tower, where you can alight for a raised view of the Hauraki Gulf that you'll talk about for years.