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The 9 Great Walks of New Zealand

If you’re looking to explore New Zealand up close then consider doing one of these incredible walks. No matter where in the country you are, you’ll be sure to find one nearby.

Kepler Track, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Regardless of whether you are travelling around the North or South Island, there are plenty of walks scattered throughout the country for you to enjoy with your partner or family. Get up close and personal to New Zealand native plant life and animals and enjoy the absolutely stunning scenic views that surround you.

Here we list the nine walks, where you can find them and what to expect to see on your hike.

1. Lake Waikaremoana, 48km

Location: ​East of the central volcanic plateau
The view: Circling the lake, walkers can expect to see plenty of natural rainforest and beautiful water views.

2. Tongariro Northern Circuit, 43km

Location: The foot of Mount Ruapehu
The view: Fumeroles, geysers, lava formations and gorgeous green lakes.

3. Whanganui Journey, 145km

​Location: Kayak or canoe down the Whanganui River
The view: Head down the river through the surrounding national park for a stunning glimpse of the dense green forest surroundings.

4. Abel Tasman, 50km

Location: Top of the South Island
The view: Miles of stunning beaches.

5. Heaphy Track, 80km

Location: Northwest of the South Island
The view: Beautiful beech forests, palm tree beaches and fields of herbs.

6. Kepler Track, 60km

Location: Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre
The view: Mountaintops, lakeside forests and grasslands.

7. Milford Track, 53.5km

Location: Fiordland
The view: Steep fiords, breathtaking waterfalls and forest-covered valleys.

8. Routeburn Track, 39km

Location: The Southern Alps
The view: Waterfalls, lakes and alpine flora.

9. Rakiura Track, 32km

Location: Stewart Island
The view: The forest, the wildlife and scenic beach views.

No matter which walk you choose, you are sure to see some amazing sights and create incredible memories of a country famed for its natural landscape. Be sure to keep a camera in your backpack – you are going to want to snap up these views!