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Find out how we travel! Check out these tips for awesome travel from our agents at Pure Journeys

Whether it’s your first trip to New Zealand, or the next in a long line of New Zealand explorations, it always pays to listen to the locals for the best advice.

Easy travel tips from the Wanaka staff, New Zealand Fine Touring

Check out these travel tips from our amazing team of travel agents for some awesome New Zealand advice before you head off on your kiwi adventure.

New Zealand Fine Touring Auckland staff

Kelly Ah Kiau grew up in Auckland and nothing gives her a buzz like getting outdoors and meeting some fun new people. Kelly suggests that when you travel you:

  • "Don’t forget to relax! Travel is not meant to be stressful. Be open when strangers are kind and find new ways to connect with other travellers. Make the most of your time and learn from all of your experiences."

Natalie DeCaro is our resident Canadian, but after living in New Zealand for 10 years now, she’s basically a Kiwi! Nat says to make sure you:

  • "Don’t be shy about taking LOADS of pictures. You’ll never regret having those memories to look back on later from all your amazing travels."

Lauren Nevill was born in the heart of New Zealand’s Central Otago region. Having spent many a day exploring her home country, Lauren says:

  • "When you’re on a self-drive tour of New Zealand, secure yourself a rental car that is up off the ground a little – like a Holden Trax or RAV 4 – with so many exciting places to go off the beaten track, that extra height will come in handy and you can watch the county rolling by from a higher vantage point!"


Travel agents, Dart River, Pure Journeys

Laura Davidson was born and raised in Scotland, but now calls New Zealand home and she’s loving life as a Kiwi! Laura’s number one tip:

  • "Always say YES! Take a risk, be impulsive – it’s those unplanned opportunities that always ensure the best travel stories."

Annelise Radford has spent most of her life living in various towns across the South Island, hiking and tramping her way around the country – Annelise recommends that if you plan on getting outside to see this beautiful country on foot that you:

  • "Come prepared for all weather types, no matter what time of year you are travelling – a rain coat and comfortable walking shoes are a must."

Louise Barret is one of many Aussie’s who have crossed the ditch for the laid-back lifestyle in New Zealand. With years of travel around the world under her belt, Lou’s tip to tackling long-haul flights is:

  • "Get yourself some toe socks and thongs (jandals/flip-flops etc.). Easy to slip on and off through security and once you’re on the plane, your feet won’t get cold! Plus you can say goodbye to trying to stuff those swollen feet back into your shoes."

Erynn Bell was born and bred in the stunning landscape of Maine USA. Erynn feels a kinship with the New Zealand lifestyle and loves the culture of adventure and travel. Erynn says when travelling be sure that you:

  • "Don’t try to squeeze too much into too little time. There’s nothing worse than needing a holiday after your holiday once you’re back home! (Trust me, I once took 12 flights in a 5-week trip – how exhausting!)"

Classic Flight, Pure Journeys staff

Salli Smith grew up in the vibrant city of Auckland on the North Island. Moving to Wanaka was a breath of fresh air! Living in a town where weather can turn on a dime, Salli says to make sure you:

  • "Pack appropriately and be prepared for all 4 seasons in one day!"

Shelley Ryder, one of our longest serving travel agents and a Kiwi to the core! Shelley says to make sure you enjoy the journey:

  • "New Zealand is as much about the journey as the destination, stop along the way as you drive around the country and enjoy all the wonderful attractions, walks and lookouts along the way. You never know what you’ll find on your days of exploration!"

Narissa Phipps showcases the classic ‘new Kiwi’ story. After leaving Mother England to travel New Zealand for a few months in 2013, 4 years later she’s still here and loving life! Narissa says:

  • "Don’t let the weather forecast dampen your spirits – get outside and enjoy the day for what it is!"

Jane Zwerrenz, our loveable German, travelled to Wanaka and fell in love with the wilderness. Always off exploring new places, Jane likes to take her travels slow, and suggests that you:

  • "Don’t rush it! To experience a true Kiwiana adventure, concentrate on a few destinations and truly immerse yourself in those places."

The Ledge bungy, Queenstown

Christina Brockie grew up in Dunedin, and travelled across the country extensively growing up. There are so many incredible adventures waiting for you in New Zealand, so Christina says to:

  • "Book the activities or adventures that you don’t want to miss out on before you leave, that way you’ll fit everything in and still have time to explore New Zealand’s many hidden gems!"

Alarna Dwyer originally hailed from over the pond in Sydney, but the small town of Waiuku, New Zealand became home when she was 7 years old. In her travels across the world, Alarna doesn’t know what she would have done without:

  • "Ziplock bags! Ziplock bags are your best friend when packing liquids and toiletries (ever since an unfortunate shampoo explosion, I have never been without a few ziplocks' in my suitcase)."

Laura Havill grew up in Auckland, and then the travel bug hit! After 10 years of travelling the world, Laura is back to help others to do the same – Laura has a simple travel philosophy, and still lives by it today:

  • "Be flexible and open to every experience and person. Make the most of every day, and if an unplanned opportunity arises – take it!"

Travel can sometimes be daunting – but make the most of every day and you’ll come away with memories that will last a lifetime. Get up and watch the sunrise, get to know some locals, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and try something new every day.

There’s a big wide world out there and it’s just waiting to be explored.

What are you waiting for?