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Experience of the Week: Diving in New Zealand with Dive Tutukaka

Dive! Tutukaka is New Zealand’s full-service dive charter operator, servicing the Poor Knights Islands off the coast of Tutukaka, Northland. A world-class underwater experience!

Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

What is the Experience?

Dive near The Poor Knights Islands off the Tutukaka Coast, which National Geographic rated as one of the best coastlines in the World. The Islands are washed by warm currents sweeping south from the Coral Sea. The island's volcanic origins include spectacular drop offs, walls, caves, arches, tunnels and the Twin Wrecks. All of which are inhabited by an amazing array of underwater life. This might be the best scuba diving experience you‘ll do anywhere in the world!

Where is it located?

Your starting point is located 2.5 hours’ drive North of Auckland in the beautiful city of Whangarei. You’ll find Dive Tutukaka on Marina Road at the Tutukaka Marina. You can also get direct flights from Auckland to Whangarei. The city is New Zealand’s only city with a sub-tropical climate, offering warm summers and mild winters, so it’s a great place to spend some summer vacation time.

Who would enjoy this?

Diving enthusiasts who want to experience diving overseas. Internationally recognised as "the best sub-tropical diving in the world", the Poor Knights Islands are on every diver's ‘must-do' list.

Interesting Fact?

The first account of a European to sight the islands was Captain Cook on the 25th November 1769 and in 1977 the Islands became a nature reserve with the highest level of legal protection.

Fish at the Poor Knights Islands