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Why not go diving at the Bay of Islands?

New Zealand has some of the best diving locations, and the Bay of Islands is a great place for a bit of everything, from wrecks to a bright and bustling reef.

Diving in New Zealand

New Zealand is surrounded by a vast and diverse underwater world – it's not hard to see why it's considered a diving paradise.

The Bay of Islands is one of the top spots for diving in the world and is a must on an adventure holiday. Home to an array of dive sites, you'll be able to see wrecks, drop-offs and sub-tropical reefs in the crystal clear waters.

HMNZS Canterbury is a former Navy ship that settled in Deep Water Cover near Cape Brett. Upright and still quite intact, it's an impressive sight and a great dive location. The upper deck, bridge and first floor levels are all in easy diving range – you can even swim through the bridge to the helicopter hanger.

This eerie underwater world is where you can get up close and personal with the ghosts of history. It's definitely surreal to swim in areas that have been overtaken by fish and vegetation. Home to many species of fish, you'll see all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes swimming past.

The Rainbow Warrior dive is a unique way to see a piece of New Zealand history firsthand. Two years after it was famously bombed in the Auckland Harbour, it was sunk at the Cavalli Islands in 1987, where it now resides.

Once Greenpeace's flagship, it's now teeming with underwater life. It's become the home for mackerel, golden snapper, leatherjacket's, stunning jewel anemones, moray eels and scorpion fish, just to name a few.

Whether you want to go for a day or night dive, make sure you see the spectacle before it disintegrates completely and becomes part of the ocean.

Reef diving here is different from anywhere else in the world. This is because it's a sub-tropical blended zone. Tropical fish migrate to the temperate environment and intermingle with local species, like some of the largest stingrays in the world.

Discover this bright watery world that was once a volcanic area. See forests of kelp, massive rocks and boulders as you swim through caves, caverns and crevasses. A dive here is sure to be the highlight of your holiday.

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