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Experience of the Week: guided Routeburn track walk with Ultimate Hikes

Ultimate Hikes offers you a chance to experience one of New Zealand's 'Great Walks' with a level of comfort foreign to most hikers.

Routeburn Track, New Zealand

What you will experience on the Routeburn track with Ultimate Hikes:

Ultimate Hikes offers you a chance to experience one of New Zealand's 'Great Walks' with a level of comfort foreign to most hikers on a four day Routeburn track guided walk...

Want to experience 'tramping' (New Zealand for 'hiking') in a pristine alpine environment but reluctant to leave all your creature comforts behind? The sort of person for whom a necessary stroll is one thing, but actually walking any distance for fun is another? We have just the 'tramping' experience for you.

Add a few mountains and some seriously glassy lakes in the mix with some creature comforts and this Routeburn Track guided walk begins to sound appealing. And when you can choose to have all your gear carried for you, a hot shower every night and gourmet food; the decision to sign up for some serious walking becomes easy .

If you're chasing a little wilderness adventure for next year's vacation but are really more of the glamping type, then this guided hike might be just the thing.

Out top three reasons why you should take the Routeburn Track guided walk with Ultimate hikes.

  • Local knowledge and expertise. Your guides will provide in-depth information on the history, ecology and geography of the area. You’ll leave with a unique insight and understanding of New Zealand's environment
  • Everything is organised for you. All your accommodation, meals and snacks - both on and off the trail are organised for you. Backpacks and rain jackets will be provided and you'll be given advice on exactly what to bring. No lugging heavy equipment on the plane, and best of all, no planning required. Your backpack weight will be around 5-7 kilograms (11-15 pounds) as opposed to a 20 kilograms (44 pounds) pack if you were to do the walk independently.
  • Exclusivity. All the lodges you’ll stay in are private and not accessible to the public. Each is equipped with heating, hot running water, comfortable beds and a fully staffed kitchen. You’ll enjoy three course meals paired with local beer and wine - the perfect end to an invigorating day on the trail.